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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
By Tom Henheffer Each year, CJFE fights to defend and strengthen the rights of all Canadians. And each year, we publish the Review of Free Expression in Canada to keep track of the people, policies, and institutions that protect or erode those rights. We want to make the sixth installment of the Review even better, and for that we need your help. The past 12 months have seen the muzzling of scientists, chilling audits of Canadian civil liberties and environmental charities, huge failures in our access to information system, and the continued growth of a terrifying and unjustifiable regime of digital surveillance targeting all Canadians. In the wake of harrowing attacks both at home and abroad, important debates about the relationships between civil liberties, press freedom and national security have gained new prominence. The Review doesn’t just raise awareness about essential issues; it documents how free expression evolves in Canada over time – for better or for worse. Here are three ways that you can support CJFE and our annual Review:
  • 1) Purchase a membership – To support the Review, and for a limited time only, CJFE is offering a discount of 70% for new members!
  • 2) Become a monthly donor – Every monthly donation makes our financial future more secure and allows us to take on ever more ambitious and effective program work.
  • 3) Make a one-time donation – Whether it is $10, $50, or $500, every dollar is a great help.
We need your help not only to make the Review’s publication possible, but to continue improving the scope and depth of our research, as well as increasing distribution of the publication across the country so Canadians stay informed of how their rights are being impacted. Last year, CJFE’s members and supporters raised just over $6,000 – beating our goal of $5,000 and helping to make the Review an enormous success. This year, please help us to repeat that crowdfunding achievement! Take a look at last year’s Review, and then click through to make this year’s even better.

Some of the Review’s most notable features include:

  • Free Expression Report Card – CJFE ranks the institutions, policies, and systems for their failures and successes in protecting free expression in Canada.
  • Access to the Courts – A Cross Canada comparison of the policies that allow or restrict the public’s access to our courts.
  • Exclusive National Poll – Partnering with Nanos Research, CJFE surveys Canadians to find out their thoughts on free expression issues.
  • Free Expression Index – Fast facts that highlight important statistics on free expression issues across Canada.
The production of CJFE’s annual Review is a truly collaborative effort. Our tiny, three-person staff and a dedicated group of volunteer writers, editors, and designers spend more than 2,600 hours of work to get this critical information and analysis out to the public. More support is needed and we hope to add you to our ranks! Thank you for taking action and joining CJFE in defending free expression in Canada!

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