Your Right to Know and How to Exercise it!

Friday, September 28, 2012
Online discussion on Twitter and Facebook, or in person workshop in Halifax, NS.

Be informed about what your government is up to!

It’s time to start a conversation about transparency in government! This September 28 is International Right to Know Day, and the Centre for Law and Democracy, an international human rights organization based in Halifax, is putting on a workshop on government transparency: Your Right to Know and How to Exercise it!

Join the conversation!

Twitter: Send your questions to @law_democracy and follow the debate using #RightToKnow.

Facebook: Post your questions or comments on the Centre for Law and Democracy's page.

Email: Send your questions to [email protected] and they will be answered online.

In Halifax? Join the workshop in person!
The Centre for Law and Democracy will be holding a transparency workshop over lunch.
Sign up now!

The Hub Halifax
1673 Barrington Street, 2nd Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J1Z9
Friday, September 28, 2012 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ADT)

Did you know:

• The right to access government information is a constitutional right in Canada

• But Canada’s government has an abysmal record on transparency. Canada is in 55th place out of 92 countries around the world with access to information laws, behind many developing countries, including Mexico, South Africa and India.

• Canadians are often disenfranchised from exercising their right to information. Studies have found waiting periods for information of up to two and a half years, and cost estimates for requests can run as high as $98,000.

Every Canadian has the right to know what their government is up to. From the sponsorship scandal to outrageous MP expenses, proper oversight is necessary to ensure that public money is appropriately managed and spent. The right to information is a critical tool for activists across the spectrum, allowing them to stay on top of their issue and the government's response to it.

Come on out - and understand your right to know!