Threats to press freedom: CJFE Review looks at risks facing journalists

Thursday, April 16, 2015
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

There’s less than a month to go before this year’s Review of Free Expression in Canada comes out, and we’ve raised almost 70% of our $7,000 fundraising goal! We’re so grateful for all of the support we’ve received, and we’re thrilled by the enthusiasm Canadians have shown for the Review. To help us achieve our goal, we’re offering CJFE memberships for 70% off until World Press Freedom Day (May 3rd). Joining as a member will help support all of our programs and free expression advocacy work, including producing and distributing the Review FREE across the country. The past year has seen so many important events, decisions and actions affection freedom of expression in Canada and around the world, and we’re pleased to produce a comprehensive review that informs Canadians about these issues. Some of the threats to free expression that we’re reporting on in this year’s Review include:

    1. Crackdowns on photography: Police are increasingly violating citizens’ freedom to take photos and videos, and photographers risk harassment, confiscation of equipment and arrest when they take out their cameras. With smartphones in every pocket, these risks can apply to citizens as well.
    2. Risks to Canadian journalists abroad: As they attempt to report on important stories around the world, Canadian journalists are facing attacks, arrests and public killings. Mohamed Fahmy remains caught up in retrial riddled with delays in Egypt, Kathy Gannon continues to recover from the attack in Afghanistan that killed her colleague, and Hossein Derakhshan was finally freed and pardoned after 6 years in an Iranian prison.
    3. Lack of protection for freelancers: Journalists publishing independently or on freelance contracts often lack legal protections and resources as they take on major stories of public interest. They don’t have deep pockets to fund challenges against barriers to information, and sometimes find themselves facing expensive libel lawsuits without the protection of a large news organization.
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Review of Free Expression in Canada

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Megan Drysdale is CJFE's Editorial and Events Assistant.

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