Toronto Star Reporter Kathleen Kenna Injured In Ambush In Afghanistan

Thursday, April 4, 2002
Reporter Kathleen Kenna of the The Toronto Star daily newspaper was seriously injured today in an ambush by unidentified gunmen. Kenna, her husband Hadi Dadashian, Toronto Star photographer Bernard Weil and an Afghan driver were travelling on the main road from Kabul to Gardez when their car was attacked by at least two people. An explosion rocked Kenna's side of the car, wounding her severely in the leg. A second explosion hit the other side of the car. The attackers disappeared immediately. A minivan carrying a reporter and photographer from Agence France Presse, travelling a short distance ahead of Kenna's car, was able to offer assistance. "We deplore this deliberate attack on Kenna and on the other passengers in the vehicle," said CJFE Executive Director Joel Ruimy. "We expect she will receive the medical care she needs. And we expect that all journalists working in Afghanistan will be able to do so in the safest conditions possible." For more information, please contact Joel Ruimy at CJFE, 489 College Street, Suite 403, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1A5, tel. 416 515 9622, fax 416 515 7879, email: [email protected], Web:

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