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Freedom of expression organizations

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Access to Information Resources

The Access to Information Act allows citizens to access information in federal government records, in line with the principle that government information should be available to the public, and thus increasing government transparency. You can find more information on
filing an Access to Information Request.

Digital issues

Digital issues resources in Canada The federal government recently amended the Canadian Copyright Act, resulting in both positive and negative developments for free expression online. On the positive end, free and fair use provisions were added and exceptions made for educational institutions using content found on the Internet. On the negative, “digital locks” were added to some materials, severely hindering an individuals control over content. In the realm of digital privacy and consummate Canadian legislation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) makes provisions for how companies can use, share, and store personal information collected online. Both Acts can be reviewed below. Digital rights organizations

Hate Speech

As of Spring 2013, hate speech is no longer covered by the Canadian Human Rights Act, a change that was a victory for free expression in Canada. The hate speech provision, or Section 13, was seen by many as a tool for censorship of controversial or dissident views. Allegations of hate speech are now subject to criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Privacy Resources

Provincial Information and Privacy Commissioners The respective websites of the provincial Information and Privacy Commissioners have lots of great tools for learning about your privacy rights, how to protect your privacy online, discussion papers, and plenty of other educational resources. Below are listed the offices, according to province.
Privacy Legislation Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Acts: This legislation is governed by the principle that the records of public institutions should be made available and accessible to the public, while also working to guarantee the privacy of individuals.

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