Venezuelan journalist Mary Triny Mena on Chavez' death

Sunday, March 10, 2013
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' death on Tuesday stirred up a range of emotions from his opposition and supporters alike. Mary Triny Mena, Scotiabank / CJFE Journalism Fellow and journalist at Venezuela's Globovision, offered her perspective on Chavez' death and the future of press freedom in Venezuela in The Globe and Mail.
"Mr. Chavez has left us with a legacy of government control over virtually all of Venezuela’s broadcast media – either direct control, through state ownership or sponsorship, or indirect, through repressive media laws. At the same time, his supporters contend that the opposition actually controls 95 per cent of all media." - Mary Triny Mena
Read the op-ed here: The Globe and Mail

Mary was also quoted in the CBC's coverage of Chavez' death. Read the full article here: CBC News

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