Xerox 8860 Colour Printer sold

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
UPDATE: Item sold! CJFE is pleased to announce that we have received the generous donation of a professional quality colour printer from Xerox Canada. It is one of Xerox’s newest models, the Phaser 8860, and it uses eco and pocket friendly Solid Ink Technology. As our imaging needs are already covered we would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase this machine from us. The proceeds will help support CJFE's programs to help journalists in Canada and around the world and you will receive a steep discount on a high quality colour printer, scanner and fax unit! The MSRP of this unit is $5000, we are offering it at a 50% discount for $2500. Please peruse the many advanced features of this machine below or on the web and let us know when you’d like to pick it up! Warm Regards, Sarah Spinks CJFE Donation Coordinator To contact us, please email us here. Key Features of the Xerox 8860: ● Print at 30 ppm in Colour or B/W ● Two sided output comes as standard ● Copy/Fax/Scan capabilities included ● Uses revolutionary and eco-friendly Solid Ink Technology Benefits of Solid Ink Technology: - Drop-in loading of solid ink sticks is as easy as loading a stapler - No toner cartridges to unpack, shake, slide in, pull out and dispose of - No mess solid ink sticks are safe and clean to handle - Dense, saturated colour in solid fills instead of “banding” or streaking that’s often found in large areas of colour - Save storage space because the packages of solid ink sticks are small enough to fit into a desk drawer - Less waste than color laser printers with no cartridges to dispose of and far less packaging to add to landfills - Fewer CO2 emissions and less fuel is used from shipping because solid ink packages are smaller and lighter than toner cartridges - Less energy is used to manufacture solid ink because of the simplicity of the design

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